MAPI Properties

Description: Contains a value used to associate an icon with a particular row of a table.
Property ID: $3900
Property type: PT_LONG
Area: MAPI address book

This property contains a long integer that facilitates special treatment of the table entry based on its type. This special treatment typically consists of displaying an icon, or other display element, associated with the display type.

This property is not used in folder contents tables. Client applications should use a message's PR_MESSAGE_CLASS (PidTagMessageClass) property and appropriate IMAPIFormInfo interface to get the PR_ICON (PidTagIcon) and PR_MINI_ICON (PidTagMiniIcon) properties for that message.

This property can have exactly one of the following values:
DT_AGENT - An automated agent, such as Quote-Of-The-Day or a weather chart display.
DT_DISTLIST - A distribution list.
DT_FOLDER - Display default folder icon adjacent to folder.
DT_FOLDER_LINK - Display default folder link icon adjacent to folder rather than the default folder icon.
DT_FOLDER_SPECIAL - Display icon for a folder with an application-specific distinction, such as a special type of public folder.
DT_FORUM - A forum, such as a bulletin board service or a public or shared folder.
DT_GLOBAL - A global address book.
DT_LOCAL - A local address book that you share with a small workgroup.
DT_MAILUSER - A typical messaging user.
DT_MODIFIABLE - Modifiable; the container should be denoted as modifiable in the user interface.
DT_NOT_SPECIFIC - Does not match any of the other settings.
DT_ORGANIZATION - A special alias defined for a large group, such as helpdesk, accounting, or blood-drive coordinator.
DT_PRIVATE_DISTLIST - A private, personally administered distribution list.
DT_REMOTE_MAILUSER - A recipient known to be from a foreign or remote messaging system.
DT_WAN - A wide area network address book.

Address book contents tables use the DT_AGENT, DT_DISTLIST, DT_FORUM, DT_MAILUSER, DT_ORGANIZATION, DT_PRIVATE_DISTLIST, and DT_REMOTE_MAILUSER values. Address book hierarchy tables and one-off tables use the DT_GLOBAL, DT_LOCAL, DT_MODIFIABLE, DT_NOT_SPECIFIC, and DT_WAN values. Folder hierarchy tables use the DT_FOLDER, DT_FOLDER_LINK, and DT_FOLDER_SPECIAL values.

If this property is not set, the client should assume the default type appropriate for the table, typically DT_FOLDER, DT_LOCAL, or DT_MAILUSER.