MAPI Properties

Description: Contains the recipient type for a message recipient.
Property ID: $0C15
Property type: PT_LONG
Area: MAPI recipient


The recipient type contained in this property consists of one required value and one optional flag.

This property must contain exactly one of the following values:


The recipient is a primary (To) recipient. Clients are required to handle primary recipients. All other types are optional.


The recipient is a carbon copy (CC) recipient, a recipient that receives a message in addition to the primary recipients.


The recipient is a blind carbon copy (BCC) recipient. Primary and carbon copy recipients are unaware of the existence of BCC recipients.


The recipient did not successfully receive the message on the previous attempt. This is a resend of an earlier transmission.

In addition, the following flag can be set:


The recipient has already received the message and does not need to receive it again. This is a resend of an earlier transmission. This flag is set in conjunction with the MAPI_TO, MAPI_CC, and MAPI_BCC values.

The MAPI_P1 value and the MAPI_SUBMITTED flag are used when a message is being retransmitted due to nondelivery to one or more of the intended recipients. For this retransmission, the client sets MAPI_SUBMITTED on every recipient that does not need the message again but should be displayed in the recipient list. For every recipient that did not receive the message previously, the client retains the original recipient with its PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE value unchanged, but additionally submits a copy of the recipient with MAPI_P1 in place of the original value. This copy, which is discarded before actual delivery, forces the recipient into the P1 envelope and guarantees physical retransmission to that recipient. The PR_RESPONSIBILITY (PidTagResponsibility) property is set to FALSE for MAPI_P1 recipients.

When a client displays a resend form, only the MAPI_P1 recipients are visible. Unless the user enters additional recipients, when the message is delivered, the recipient list appears exactly as it did when the message was sent for the first time.

The PR_DISPLAY_TO (PidTagDisplayTo), PR_DISPLAY_CC (PidTagDisplayCc) and PR_DISPLAY_BCC (PidTagDisplayBcc) properties are related to recipient type. When a client calls a message's IMAPIProp::SaveChanges and there is at least one recipient in the recipient list, the message store provider sets these properties as follows:

Property Description


Set to TRUE if one or more of the recipients are MAPI_TO recipients.


Set to TRUE if one or more of the recipients are MAPI_CC recipients.


Set to TRUE if one or more of the recipients are MAPI_BCC recipients.

In X.400, the P1 or delivery envelope is the information needed to deliver a message, including the recipient's address properties and any option flags controlling delivery and replies. The P2 or display envelope is the information usually displayed to each recipient other than the message text itself. It typically includes the subject, importance, priority, sensitivity, and submission time, as well as the primary and copied recipient names.