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image   image After a few years of investigating and building MAPI clients applications, we shifted part of our development team to the "MAPI inferno" - the service providers. This area of MAPI cannot be done with any kind of third-party custom MAPI components we know - they all have proved inapplicable here.
image Extended MAPI in DELPHI - Service Providers
(Extended MAPI in DELPHI - Service Providers)
Delphi & ADO & MAPI Together
Screen Shots

Address Book Provider Screen Shots

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You can see our Microsoft Office Access Address Book inside Microsoft Office Outlook as any other regular Address Book. We support subfolders inside our Address Book. You can easy examine number of Address Book Entries in each subfolder.
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Every Mail Recipient, has properties, which are available to everyone. You can easy see urgent business information as address, phones, etc... You can easy find Personal information.
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All Phones are easy to access. Some useful personal information. Extra information like user photo can be added/deleted/changed.
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Local distribution groups are also supported. And, of course, you can see individual properties of each distribution list member Sample Address Book hierarchy
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You have individual address book administrative console (as separate application). From Administrative panel, you can manage Address Book entries (mail recipients). You can add/remove/move mail recipients from one distribution list to another or between subfolders.


Read more for our IMI ADODB ExMAPI Address Book Provider  image  (PDF Size: 2 MB)

Download DEMO


Microsoft Access 2000 as MAPI Message Store for Outlook

Q: Can the Outlook use Microsoft Access 2000/2003 as Message Store?
A: Yes - we have Delphi code for this exotic provider.

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Can we license the source code (Delphi 6/Delphi XE4) of these providers?
The answer is YES.
But...  If you expect "Mickey Mouse fee" for source code licensing, please do not bother us!

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