MAPI Properties

Description: Contains the message text.
Property ID: $1000
Property type: PT_UNICODE, PT_STRING8
Area: General messaging

These properties are typically used only in an interpersonal message (IPM).
Message stores that support Rich Text Format (RTF) ignore any changes to white space in the message text. When PR_BODY is stored for the first time, the message store also generates and stores the PR_RTF_COMPRESSED (PidTagRtfCompressed) property, the RTF version of the message text. If the IMAPIProp::SaveChanges method is subsequently called and PR_BODY has been modified, the message store calls the RTFSync function to ensure synchronization with the RTF version. If only white space has been changed, the properties are left unchanged. This preserves any nontrivial RTF formatting when the message travels through non-RTF-aware clients and messaging systems.
The value for this property must be expressed in the code page of the operating system that MAPI is running on.