MAPI Named Properties

Canonical name: PidLidAppointmentColor
Description: Specifies the color to be used when displaying the Calendar object.
Property Set: PSETID_Appointment
Property ID (Name): $8214
Data Type: PT_LONG
Area: Calendar

Remarks: This property specifies the color to use when displaying the calendar. A client or server should set this value for backward compatibility with older clients. It may instead display the calendar based on the value of the Keywords (PidNameKeywords) property as specified in [MS-OXCMSG]. When set, the value must be one of the following.

Value / Color
0x00000000 / None
0x00000001 / Red
0x00000002 / Blue
0x00000003 / Green
0x00000004 / Grey
0x00000005 / Orange
0x00000006 / Cyan
0x00000007 / Olive
0x00000008 / Purple
0x00000009 / Teal
0x0000000A / Yellow