The TMAPITableAdvise - Delphi IMAPIAdviseSink Table wrapper object.

unit: MAPITable.pas
file path: ..\Library\Helpers
version: 2014.хх
Classes, Windows, Types, SysUtils, Contnrs, ExtendedMAPI, MapiUtils, IMIEMTypes


Unit: MAPITable.pas
Type: Class
Inherited from: TMAPIBase


TMAPITableAdvise = class(TMAPIBase)
    constructor Create;
    destructor Destroy; override;
    property Active: Boolean read GetActive write SetActive;
    property AdvisedTable: IMAPITable read GetMAPITable;
    procedure Advise(const MAPITable: IMAPITable);
    procedure UnAdvise;
    property ConnectionID: ULONG_PTR read FConnectionID;
    property OnChanged: TTableBasicEvent read FOnChanged write FOnChanged;
    property OnError: TTableErrorEvent read FOnError write FOnError;
    property OnReload: TTableBasicEvent read FOnReload write FOnReload;
    property OnRestrictDone: TTableBasicEvent read FOnRestrictDone write FOnRestrictDone;
    property OnSetColDone: TTableBasicEvent read FOnSetColDone write FOnSetColDone;
    property OnSortDone: TTableBasicEvent read FOnSortDone write FOnSortDone;
    property OnRowAdd: TTableRowAddOrModifiedEvent read FOnRowAdd write FOnRowAdd;
    property OnRowModified: TTableRowAddOrModifiedEvent read FOnRowModified write FOnRowModified;
    property OnRowDeleted: TTableRowDeletedEvent read FOnRowDeleted write FOnRowDeleted;



Name Access Type Description
Active RW Boolean Start/Stop the notification callbacks
AdvisedTable RO IMAPITable Pointer to advised table
ConnectionID RO ULONG_PTR A nonzero value that represents the successful notification registration


Name Description
Advise Registers an advise sink object to receive notification of specified events affecting the table

procedure Advise(const MAPITable: IMAPITable);
UnAdvise Cancels the sending of notifications previously set up with a call to the Advise method.

procedure UnAdvise;


Name Type Description
OnChanged TTableBasicEvent Indicates at a high level that something about the table has changed.
OnError TTableErrorEvent An error has occurred, usually during the processing of an asynchronous operation. Errors during the processing of the following methods can generate this event: FastSort, Sort, Set ColumnsTags, FastFilter, Filter
OnReload TTableBasicEvent The data in the table should be reloaded.
OnRestrictDone TTableBasicEvent A restriction operation initiated with an FastFilter/Filter method call has completed.
OnSetColDone TTableBasicEvent A column setting operation initiated with an Set ColumnsTags method call has completed.
OnSortDone TTableBasicEvent A table sorting operation initiated with an FastSort/Sort method call has completed.
OnRowAdd TTableRowAddOrModifiedEvent A new row has been added to the table.
OnRowModified TTableRowAddOrModifiedEvent A row has been changed. The row member contains the affected properties for the row.
OnRowDeleted TTableRowDeletedEvent A row has been removed from the table. The propPrior member is set to nil.


Please see Lazy MAPI # 7 - Test TMAPITable wrapper, FastFilter and FastSort (with Events)



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