unit: MAPITable.pas
file path: ..\Library\Helpers\
version: 2014.хх

uses Classes, Windows, ExtendedMAPI, Types, SysUtils, IMIEMTypes, MAPIRestriction;

The TMAPITableFields object represents a collection of rows.

TMAPITableFields = class(TMAPIBase)
    constructor Create(const Row: PSRow);
    destructor Destroy; override;
    property RowID: TBytes read GetUniqueID;
    property Count: Integer Read GetCount;
    property Item[const Index: Integer]: TMAPITableField read GetMAPITableField;
    property ItemOf[const PropTag: ULONG]: TMAPITableField read GetMAPITableFieldOf;
    function PropExists(const PropTag: ULONG): Boolean;
    function PropExistsEx(const PropTag: ULONG): Boolean;
Unit: MAPITable.pas
Type: Class
Inherited from: TMAPIBase


Name Access Type Description
Count RO Integer The Count property returns the total number of columns in the table.
RowID RO TBytes Returns Unique ID of row (PR_INSTANCE_KEY)
Item RO TMAPITableField Represent a single column value. Zero index based.
ItemOf RO TMAPITableField Represent a single column value accessed by PropTag


Name Description
PropExists Returns TRUE if property specified by PropTag exists, no matter of its value (value can be null [PT_NULL] or error [PT_ERROR])
PropExistsEx Returns TRUE if property specified by PropTag exists, and its value type is valid type (not null [PT_NULL] or error [PT_ERROR])


Please see Lazy MAPI # 6 - Test TMAPITable wrapper, FastFilter and FastSort


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